John Lyons
Fractional CMO
Business Director

I’m a practical, hands-on marketer with over 20 years experience helping brands and agencies make more money through applying proper commercially-focussed marketing. None of your fluffy nonsense, real hitting the bottom line marketing.
"John brings a rare combination of deep marketing knowledge delivered with an inimitable empathy for what it takes to do the work."

Shann Biglione, Host of The Overthinkers podcast & author
"John is the kind of person you want to spend more time with because he lights up small parts of your soul - a good man, a good marketer, and a good speaker :)"

Joe Glover, Founder The Marketing Meetup
"John brings brilliant ideas to bear on marketing problems. He has the advantage of understanding client and agency perspectives having worked in both."

Lisl MacDonald FRSA
"He makes the complex simple, the dull entertaining, and the crowds carbonated."

Giles Edwards, Co-founder of ...Gasp!, host of the Call To Action podcast and author
"John is one of a rare breed of leaders who can not only create a big idea, super compelling strategy, but also break it down into actually actionable details. "

Courtney Cesari, Global Marketing Director and event MC
""No-nonsense marketing wisdom, delivered with style. John knows his marketing onions better than most."

Naeem Alvi-Assinder, Founder at Notepad (B Corp), Untapped host

How Can I Help You

As a Fractional CMO I can help scale-ups reach their next stage and funded start-ups go to market.

As a Fractional Business Director (pretty much the CMO of agency land) I can help independent agencies grow through developing a distinctive market proposition and implementing effective inbound and outbound sales strategies, processes and tactics.

My core skills are:
* brand strategy and proposition development
* sales and marketing strategy and execution
* loyalty and promotional marketing
* digital marketing
* agency business development

I've worked with small brands you're unlikely to have heard or as well as global brands such as Deutsche Bank, Manchester United, LEGO and LG, and fantastic independent agencies such as ...Gasp! and The NDL Group to help them understand their opportunities and hit their commercial goals.

I have co-founded, established and successfully exited two agencies of my own from the ground up, which taught me a lot about the commercial realities of a business and also that it's not something I fancy doing again.

I can also offer training, coaching, mentoring, am an experienced public speaker, a former Non Executive Director and have taught Marketing and Digital Marketing at the National Film & Television School in the UK, guest lectured at LSBU and mentored through The Alliance of Independent Agencies.

I also have a hat.

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